API Development

API is an extremely important tool when it comes to enhance the online presence of your business or venture. In today’s era of web development, API is the most useful application to set communication between different web channels. If you own a high fidelity, dynamic website and are looking forward to expand your online presence through multiple platforms like mobile, tablets, offline software, you need an API for your web service. It also helps you to integrate your website seamlessly with other apps. We at Tech Prastish love to create high-performance yet light APIs that can draw a large amount of traffic for your web and mobile app. In Tech Prastish, when we develop API, we make sure that it offers a faster path to deployment, easier integration with other applications, and more flexible GUI tuning for worker support. Integration of information, design and technology at Tech Prastish we convert your concept into a blue print for execution. This turns into a product design and further in to the desired software. In the process of software development we take utmost care of the operation characteristics of the software i.e. operation, transition and revision. Keeping these characteristics in consideration helps us to make sure that that the outcome is efficient, reliable, secure, robust and easy to maintain.

Tips & Tricks


The lighter is better

REST gives you a session less window. All customers have to done is to send a request which contains parameters, Once the request completed, user are forgotten. It optimized for low latency


Optimized Methods

Beyond general algorithms and their implementation on an abstract machine, concrete source code level choices can make a significant difference, and yes, we make it happens.


Well documented

No doubt our code is self documented and we work on deadlines too, but pressure of deadlines never make us feel uncomfortable to maintain the external documentation where ever it’s required.


Consistent Naming Rules

We use to write a self-documented code, where we don’t have to explain every single line because every identifier (variable, method, class) has a clear semantic name.


Easy to discover

Producing a great API is 80% art and 20% science. We creating a URL hierarchy representing sensible resources names is the art part. We improves the clarity of what a given request does



We use SSL everywhere – all the time. An advantage of always using SSL is that guaranteed encrypted communications simplifies authentication efforts.

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