Mobile Apps

Tech Prastish is a leading Mobile Application Development company, with a solid focus on iOS, Android and Cross-Platform. Here, we work exquisitely with our recious clients to develop highly impressive and robust quality mobile applications for different mobile platforms. We work firmly with each of our clients to understand their needs and shape a perfect mobile app that serve their requirements as well as enhance their business worldwide. We let you expand your reach to infinite mobile users with impeccable mobile applications for your business.

Collective solutions for a connected world


Great user interface

People judge looks by their covers and apps within the first few seconds of usage. Our designs continue wooing the end user while follow the OS guidelines. We keep it simple as per the target audience.

High performance

In this age where customers are won and lost in 2-3 seconds, Performance is our ultimate goal. We create highly optimized applications so that latency never shall be a hurdle for user engagement, and increase brand loyalty.

Platform appropriate

Apps should be optimized for a mobile user, taking advantage of the natural qualities of the smartphone or tablet. We make sure your app compatible and functional for all brands and devices.


We make the applications by using designs, wordings, and interface techniques so that users never forgets their experience. We love when users revisit the app without any external pressure.

Quality Assurance

We do Test, Test, fix and Test – Application never shall be crashed after deployment, If it crashes then it heals itself. The apps we develop, has the ability to continue operating in the expected way over time.


We follow security best practices to increase the capability of a system to reduce the chance of malicious or accidental actions. We use SSL so that data transferred over the network must be encrypted through the carrier network.