Dealytics Dashboard

About Dealytics

Dealytics is a financial data analytics platform created to help businesses monitor their finances and accounts to see how they are growing on the fiscal front.

Why Dealytics Wanted A Website?

Many dashboards including, but not limited to Google Analytics, MailChimp, etc. allow you to see how your marketing campaigns are performing. Shehzad Bharwani, the brain behind Dealytics, figured that organizations also needed a similar platform to see their economic growth. Dealytics is a SaaS based platform that offers M&A data analytics, business intelligence metrics, and proprietary algorithms, enabling financial institutions, investment banks and law firms to create reports and perform the required due diligence.

What We Understood

We understood client’s requirements down to the minutest detail. Turns out, Shehzad needed a full fledged dashboard packed with the power of Advanced Analytics and Big Data to help businesses evaluate their financial health.

Challenges Faced and Their Solution

We came across some really interesting challenges while working with Dealytics: Challenge1: The first challenge we came across while working on the Dealytics dashboard was the unavailability of some of the graphs. Solution: We created custom graphs to address this issue.   Challenge2: Switching to different in-dashboard tabs rendered some graphs invisible. Solution: We fixed this issue by making the JS reload at every tab switch.   Challenge3: Client wanted the SVG graph to be responsive in design. Solution: The graphs were made responsive by using a JS that provides the device width to graph JS. The graph then fills the screen accordingly.   Challenge4: Some graphs were repetitive and thus resulted in JS conflict. Solution: We changed the names and variables of graphs to fix the conflict.   Challenge5: Shehzad also wanted the bars of graph highlight on hover and give out the necessary information. Solution: We used a custom JS to make this happen.

How Dealytics Benefited

While launching Dealytics, Shehzad’s main focus was on the functionality of the dashboard. He said if it works like a charm and does exactly what it is supposed to do, organizations will love to use it. Shehzad was right, Dealytics is trusted and used by more than a thousand companies and has become an established name in the world of financial analytics platforms.