ERP Development

Build Better Business – Streamline Your Operations – Get Things Done Faster & Better

Running a business is not an easy task. With so many branches of operations running simultaneously, streamlining every process is a tough nut to crack. Tech Prastish makes Enterprise Resource Planning a breeze.
We bring you the most elaborate and yet, amazingly easy to use ERP solutions to help you manage your business better. We understand how each and every process of your operations is carried out and then offer you an ERP solution that suits your requirements.

What Makes Our ERP Solutions So Good?

We understand your requirements, the process flow, how everything is run in your organization. We identify the key focus areas of your operations and give you an ERP system that makes your organization more efficient and more productive.


Supply Chain Management

Maximize client satisfaction while bringing your operating costs down with a highly customized SCM system. Tech Prastish brings you the power of SCM within the ERP solution at no extra cost.


HRM Software

Monitor attendance, performance, and leaves and every other crucial employee data at one point. Get all employee details and work history with a single click.


Sales Management

Identify where your leads are in the funnel and give them an irresistible offer, increase your profits multifold without breaking
a sweat.


Finance and Accounting

Manage payrolls, appraisals, payments and everything revolving around the finance and accounts at the click of a button.


Customer Relationship Management

Observe and analyze all your campaigns to see which ones are working best for you and which you need to drop right then.


Data Analysis and Reporting

With a plethora of data being processed on an ERP system everyday, you can analyze the data to identify future demands and analyze business productivity.