We are Agile Minds

We follow agile development process for website and mobile applications development.

“Agile is a combination of iterative and incremental process models with focus on process adaptability and customer satisfaction by rapid delivery of working software system.”
Agile development breaks the project execution into small incremental builds. These builds we provide to our customers in small iterations.


This stage is about gaining a thorough analyzing of the context, project objectives and target users through questionnaires, workshops and market research, key insights and opportunities are identified.


Insights and opportunities derived earlier form springboards to brainstorm solutions. These ideas are captured in rough sketches and then fleshed out into wireframes that help define information architecture and navigation structure the website now has a basic skeleton.


This stage focuses on creating visual interfaces for the website keeping in mind the brand target user preferences and current aesthetic and technical standards. Colour palettes and graphic elements are developed to reflect contextual values.


It is now time to convert visual designs to interfaces with dynamic functionality. On completing frontend development (HTML/CSS/jQuery) and the integration of a CMS (such as WordPress) a working version of the website can be uploaded to the server to be tested.

Test + Iterate

The site is tested and optimised using various methods to improve technical performance and usability before it is launched to the world. This stage is crucial to delivering a user experience of quality.


It’s alive! Congratulations!

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