ADA Compliant Website Services

The Americans with Disabilities Act (1990) makes it mandatory for digital business owners to make their website(s) accessible to people with visual, hearing and physical disabilities. Your search for ADA compliant website development ends at Tech Prastish Software Solutions. With a proven and profound experience in offering ADA compliant website services, we ensure your website meets all the requirements to meet the ADA guidelines.

Benefits Of An Ada Compliant Website

Increase in Target Audience

An ADA compliant website improves accessibility and also helps you reach out to a broader section of customers. Making your website accessible to people with disabilities helps you increase your conversion rate and also improve your ROI.

Improvement in SEO Efforts

Since screen readers crawl a web page just the way search engines do, you’ll be tweaking your website for better readability for both of them. As a result, your website will be better equipped to be crawled thoroughly, giving your website an added advantage over the non ADA compliant counterparts.

Better Branding

ADA compliant websites also give out the message that you care for your audience. This is a subtle and yet highly effective way to improve your digital reputation across the internet. Ever wondered how many websites lost business because they were not easily accessible?

Enhanced Website Usability

Making your website ADA compliant makes it easily usable for everyone, enhancing the user experience multifold. Whether the end users are disabled or not, a quick and easy navigation is loved by everyone.

Avoid Penalties

Don’t take ADA lightly or your website can get penalized the way Kylie Jenner and many other brands did. ADA guidelines are strict, conform with the guidelines today and avoid spending money or easily avoidable penalties.

Better Conversions

With a website that can be accessed easily by everyone, more people would love to come onboard and avail your services. You will get more quality leads that will also improve your conversions over time.

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