Liberty Market

About Liberty Market

Liberty Market is a New Zealand based ecommerce company that sells organic and completely nature derived products.. Liberty Market focuses on life improvement through ingredients available in nature. The company has a huge variety of organic food and personal care items. Liberty Market has more than 8,000 products, making it the largest organic catalog in the South Island region.

Why Liberty Market Wanted A Website?

Liberty Market wanted to increase their outreach and serve a bigger portion of the region. At the same time, Liberty Market also wanted to make shopping easy for the customers.

What We Understood

Liberty Market needed a detailed website with their products displayed on the basis of categories and laid out cleanly.

Solution Proposed by Tech Prastish Software Solutions

We suggested Liberty Market a custom designed ecommerce website that resonates with their vision and ideas.

Challenges Faced

The project went smooth without any hiccups, issues or challenges. It was a smooth sailing right from the word go.

Features Listing

Liberty Markets approached us for our redesigning services. While working on the web design, we also added Analytics for them to see how the new design improves their traffic.

How Liberty Market Benefited

Tech Prastish Software Solutions built a website for Liberty Market that increased their traffic by 70% and improved their conversion by 40%.