The Brickell

About The Brickell

The Brickell is a brainchild of Varun Hemraj, an Engineer turned Real Estate Advisor who decided to rely on the power of artificial intelligence to fetch the best results for the interested parties.

Why The Brickell Wanted A Website?

The concept behind The Brickell is to leverage upon AI and disrupt the online real estate industry with cutting edge technology.

What We Understood

The Brickell needed an A.I. powered property website that allows buyers and investors to search for property as per their needs and preferences.

Solution Proposed by Tech Prastish Software Solutions

We suggested The Brickell a custom designed ecommerce website that resonates with their vision and ideas.

Challenges Faced

The project was smooth sailing right from the beginning. Though we love challenging work, working on The Brickell project was smooth as butter, and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Features Listing

The Brickell wanted to integrate an Artificial Intelligence powered search system to help end users get exactly what they are looking for.

How The Brickell Benefited

The Brickell increased their traffic by 80% and improved their conversion by 65%.