Tech Prastish serves many industry domains and verticals with the help of powerful and integrated IT solutions.
We do everything that revolves around database and user interface.

Website Development

Ideas are like rabbits, by the time you execute one, you have a dozen banging your head. Web application can best be explained as successful and efficient …. ...Read more

Website Design

Art is always a better way of presenting anything and everything. Be it any business, there is always a need to create a powerful first impression. All it …. ...Read more

Ecommerce Factory

With everyone looking for everything on the internet today, not marking your presence on the digital world puts a heavy dent on the revenue. Businesses all …. ...Read more

Open Source Implementation

Proprietary software hardly leaves any room for customization. Stop being at the mercy of the “Code Owners” and choose the biggest …. ...Read more

Custom Applications Development

It’s 100 times better if you create the software that meet the processes in an organization instead of creating a process …. ...Read more

Refining Existing Applications

We all know what happens to applications that don’t match the latest technological trends. At Tech Prastish Software Solutions, …. ...Read more

CRM/ERP For Your Business

Running a business is not an easy task. From managing customers to running operations smoothly, every process is a tough nut to …. ...Read more

Don’t Just Update, Upgrade!

At Tech Prastish, we understand when a software needs an upgrade for optimized performance, enhanced …. ...Read more

Start Up Solutions

At Tech Prastish, we make it our mission to help entrepreneurs create a solid ground for their venture. And this is exactly why we bring you a plethora of much …. ...Read more

Mobile Application Development

Tech Prastish is a leading Mobile Application Development company, with a solid focus on iOS, Android and Cross-Platform …. ...Read more

Ada Compliant Website Services

The Americans with Disabilities Act (1990) makes it mandatory for digital business owners to make their website(s) accessible to …. ...Read more

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