GDPR Consulting App

About GDPRotech

GDPRotech is a mobile app launched by Data Protech, a US based IT Services company established in 1989. GDPRotech, as the name suggests, is a GDPR assistance app that helps businesses know whether they need to comply with the European Union’s new data regulation policies. The mobile app does so in the form of questions. Answering a question according to given options leads to subsequent questions based on the answer.

Why GDPRotech Wanted A Mobile App?

Mobile phone is the most frequently used device. Smartphone users rely on their handheld devices to look for answers. Thus, it was a logical choice to give users an immediate answer to their concerns, and what better way to do than a mobile application?

What We Understood

Data Protech needed a conditional flowchart-based questionnaire that takes the app users through questions based on the previous answers. This way, the user will get to know whether they need to comply with GDPR or not. Moreover, the user will also get to know the type of data they are dealing with.

Solution Proposed by Tech Prastish Software Solutions

We proposed a multilayered question-answer format where the user will have some starting questions to choose & initiate the analysis. Choosing one of the two given options will lead to a subsequent question.

Challenges Faced

The functioning of the GDPRotech mobile app works on an algorithm that follows the conditional answering protocol. As mentioned earlier, the choice-based algorithm will bring a relevant subsequent question based on the answer chosen in the previous one. Creating this algorithm was a bit of a challenge.

How Tech Prastish Overcame The Challenges

All we needed to do was to arrange the questions and answers in a multi-dimensional dictionary. Think of it as a binary tree where each choice leads to two more choices, leading to a relevant answer depending on the choices made.

Features Listing

We integrated an email system with the app. Through this, the GDPRotech users can send the final result to their preferred email account.

How GDPRotech Benefited

GDPRotech is an informational mobile app that informs users whether their business needs to comply with GDPR. The app was not built for the company’s benefit, but for the end users. Created in public interest, GDPRotech is a guide for business owners.