Get Luxe: Tourism Application

About Get Luxe

Get Luxe is an Australia based travel company that offers holiday deals and discounts on various travel packages. To retain its exclusivity, the company follows a members-only policy. Customers need to register with the company to avail deals and discount vouchers. The company offers unbeatable value holidays and many other bonuses.

Why Get Luxe Wanted a Mobile App?

In today’s digital age, merely launching a website is not enough. With instant gratification in the spotlight, customers want everything at their disposal at the tap of their phone screen. Mobile applications are no more a luxury for on-demand businesses, they are a dire necessity now.

Get Luxe approached Tech Prastish with the same vision: going mobile to increase their user base and increase their revenue.

What Did We Understand?

A detailed discussion with Get Luxe helped us understand their goals and requirements. They required a mobile app that offers deals and discount vouchers. As mentioned earlier, it revolved around increased user engagement.

We deduced that Get Luxe wants a web-view mobile application with a smooth and seamless frontend and a robust backend. Targeting the two key players of the mobile app world, it was imperative to make Get Luxe available on both iOS and Android devices. This further strengthened our decision to go with a web-view app.

Solution Proposed by Tech Prastish

Our team of UI/UX designers started working on a simple and easy to the eyes design that also boasts of easy navigation. The design was fully customized to meet client requirements.

After the mobile app design experts had given the Get Luxe mobile app a captivating face, it was time for the developers to put the function in the app. And thus began the journey of our coders.

Challenges Faced

The primary concerns while working on Get Luxe mobile app were:

Lack of Documentation

We weren’t provided with the workflow documentation. As a result, we needed to analyze the complete process flow and then create a process blueprint. Documentation helps, you know.

Client Availability

Working in a different timezone was a concern with the client. We acknowledged their concerns with a smile. We don’t negate concerns with simple, ‘That’s not a big deal’ kind of words. If it matters to the clients, it matters to us.

Overcoming the Challenges

Lack of documentation was the primary concern for us. This is where our experience and expertise came to our rescue. It didn’t take us long to create a workflow, from scratch. Once done, we confirmed it with our client. They gave us a go ahead and we moved forward.

Our project coordinators handled the client availability issue brilliantly. We recorded every task on a routine basis and sent the same to the client at the end of each day. Get Luxe gave us the relevant feedback on the task report. We ensured smooth communication throughout the project.

Features Suggested by Tech Prastish

Get Luxe offers deals and discounts on travel packages, so, we suggested the mobile app must have a simple and minimalistic design. The client required push notifications in the web-view app, so we created a web form that can be locked down by IP.

How Get Luxe Benefitted?

With Get Luxe web-view mobile app, customers can now get travel deals and discounts on the go. The lightweight design ensures the mobile app works smoothly even in flaky network conditions.

Moreover, tapping on instant gratification has helped Get Luxe to increase its user base to a remarkable size. Get Luxe can now be accessed right from the mobile phone’s home screen, and that has made grabbing deals a time-saving process. As a result, Get Luxe is enjoying a substantial return on their investment through from many installs on iOs as well as Android devices.