2 Wicked Tees

About 2 Wicked Tees

2 Wicked Tees is an online apparel store that sells crazy, wicked and funny t-shirts.

Why 2 Wicked Tees Wanted A Website?

2 Wicked Tees needed a fully-functional ecommerce website with a design theme that resonates with the merchandise they were planning to sell. They were looking for an ecommerce development company that can understand their ideology and create a solution that did complete justice to their wicked collection.

What We Understood

2 Wicked Tees needed a website that looks as wicked and crazy as their t-shirts. It was a no brainer right from the word go.

Solution Proposed by Tech Prastish Software Solutions

We suggested creating a feature-rich ecommerce website while integrating email plugins to help them manage their marketing campaigns easily.

Challenges Faced

While we have worked with many online fashion shops earlier, working with 2 Wicked Tees was a different experience altogether. The key challenge was to create a design that complements the products and puts the t-shirts in the center stage.

How We Overcame The Challenge

Our designers discussed the core design idea with Craig (client) right away. After 5 design iterations, we came to the final theme combining White, Black and Red colors. We created a rough design of the website and sent it to Craig. The theme caught his attention and we got the “Go” signal.

Features Listing

  • Customized Shopify Theme
  • MailChimp Integration
  • Social Media Login

How 2 Wicked Tees Benefited

The website we created for 2 Wicked Tees established them in the digital world the way they wanted to. Since the day the website went live, 2 Wicked Tees a massive increase in sales, with orders coming from all over Canada and parts of North America.