Alexandra Dhow Cruise

About Alexandra Dhow Cruise

Alexandra Dhow Cruise a Dubai based cruise service that offers international buffet and live entertainment on board in Dubai Marina, Dubai’s premium water canal.

Why Alexandra Dhow Cruise Wanted A Website?

Attracting global audience and tourists from all across the world was the reason behind the Alexandra Dhow Cruise website. They wanted their website optimized to handle the massive traffic they receive.

What We Understood

The website required an overhauling for better performance under extremely highly footfall at any given time.

Solution Proposed by Tech Prastish Software Solutions

We gave Alexandra Dhow Cruise exactly what they wanted: a high performing website with maximized uptime and fast loading webpages.

Challenges Faced

We leveraged upon our experience to give Alexandra Dhow Cruise the much-needed speed boost.

Features Listing

  • Membership Registration/Login
  • Ecommerce Module

How Alexandra Dhow Cruise Benefited

Alexandra Dhow Cruise is a prominent name in the world of Dubai Cruise and Entertainment industry. The faster and optimized website has brought a 70% increase in their sales.