INA Motors

About INA Motors

INA Motors is a Victoria, British columbia based company that deals in pre-owned luxury and economic cars.

Why INA Motors Wanted A Website?

With an inventory of more than a hundred cars, INA Motors updates its inventory almost on a daily basis. They website will help customers find a car they want at a price they can afford without needing to step out of the house to make a decision.

What We Understood

INA Motors needed a well-designed and highly engaging website with their cars showcased in the best way possible.

Solution Proposed by Tech Prastish Software Solutions

We suggested INA Motors a custom designed website with a provision for customers to get the price as well as to get finance approval.

Challenges Faced

Creating a website in the likes of INA Motors wasn’t rocket science. It was a project we thoroughly enjoyed working on.

Features Listing

– Car Finder Tool

– Manages inventory of vehicles

– Assists customers to find a vehicle

We worked on the backend of this website. We updated the CSV of products to import them into the website. They were getting feeds from 3rd party and import into the website through CSV. We worked on this functionality.

How INA Motors Benefited

INA Motors are witnessing an increase in their traffic by 70%. They are crunching more sales at a faster rate than ever before.