Loewe Perfumes

Loewe Perfumes is a Madrid based ecommerce company that sells customizable fragrances and perfumes that hit different chords. The company drives essence from natural derivatives. From Eau De Cologne to Eau De Parfum, each fragrance has notes that resonate with your personality. When Jose approached us, the website needed a major design overhaul.

Why Loewe Perfumes Wanted A Website Redesign?

Loewe Perfumes’ existing web design lacked form factor and functionality. The catalog was not laid out neatly and the webpages took time to load.

What We Understood

Loewe Perfumes needed a new design for their existing website that boasts of a unique character without being loud.

Solution Proposed by Tech Prastish Software Solutions

We suggested Loewe Perfumes a complete redesigning of the website with a minimalistic color theme revolving around monochrome design.

Features Listing

Loewe Perfumes approached us for our redesigning services. While working on the web design, we also setup language options when a user accesses and browses the website without logging in.

How Loewe Perfumes Benefited

With new design, multiple country options and a bilingual (Spanish and English) layout, Loewe Perfumes have expanded their outreach massively.