About Lyghtly

Lyghtly is a dating portal that leverages upon reverse engineering to help like-minded people find each other. ...Read more


Region: Worldwide

Platform: Codeigniter, Swift (iOS, xCode 11), Java (Android)

Web Url: https://lyghtly.com/

Industry: Online Dating

Market Type: Web and Mobile


  • Android
  • Codeignitor
  • Ios

About Lyghtly

Lyghtly is a dating portal that leverages upon reverse engineering to help like-minded people find each other. ...Read more

What Brought Lyghtly to Tech Prastish

Lyghtly wanted to launch a 360° dating solution. In simple words, they wanted both a website and a mobile app (for both iOS and Android).
Lyghtly was looking for a website and mobile development company with proven experience in creating online dating portals. Our experience and their requirements fit together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

What We Understood

Lyghtly needed a website and mobile application that finds the right match using reverse engineering. The portal connects dots and brings like-minded people together.

Solution Proposed by Tech Prastish

Given their unique business model and equally unique requirements, we suggested Lyghtly to go with a completely customized website and native mobile applications. The key reason behind going for native mobile applications was to ensure optimum functionality and high performance at all times.

Challenges Faced

There were no insurmountable challenges, just a few portions of the project that needed special attention. Since we needed to integrate some APIs and create some from scratch, some tasks required time.

Overcoming The Challenges

The cost wasn’t an issue at all with the clients when they hired us. They were short on time, so they simply asked us to gather as big a team as we can to deliver the project. And we did just that.

Mentionable Features

Lyghtly can be easily deemed among our well-researched clients. They researched thoroughly and gave us a precise blueprint of all the functionalities and features they required. The list included, but was not limited to:

  • Registered users can create invites.
  • Lyghtly lists out the suggested profiles based on the user’s interest (which is already added by users in their profile).
  • Users can view all the suggested profiles and send an invite to one individual they want to invite.
  • This will be a one on one meeting, not groups. So, users can send invite only one user.
  • The invited user can view invite in the profile and accept/reject the invite.
  • Invite owner (the person who has invited the other user) needs to wait until the acceptance/rejection of the other user.
  • Both users will get a notification ( Invite sent/received, invite accepted/rejected).
  • Users can view their past/current events.


How Lyghtly Benefitted

Lyghtly has transformed the way online dating sites and portals work. The website and mobile apps we created for them has garnered great reviews from their users.

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