Pizzaovens: Pizza Ovens and Equipment Exchange Platform

About Pizzaovens

Pizzaovens is a California-based pizza ovens and equipment exchange company with business spanning across the USA, UK, and a wide part of Europe. The company is an eCommerce platform that deals in sales and maintenance of all types of pizza ovens and pizza equipment.

What Brought Pizzaovens to Tech Prastish

They were looking for a web development company that could understand their niche properly and delivers its promise. Being food lovers and with a good understanding of how their business works, there were no second thoughts about going ahead. We love their niche and they trusted our mettle. Things just clicked!

What We Understood

The best thing about certain niche markets is that sometimes, it’s their simplicity that makes them so effective. Pizzaovens is a simple business: to sell equipment and offer service & maintenance. It’s how effectively they do it that got so interested in this project.

Solution Proposed by Tech Prastish

The solution we provided was exactly what they needed: an online pizza oven shop, complete with a functionality based frontend and a comprehensive backend.

Challenges Faced

Creating a niche-specific website brings along its own set of challenges. While working on the Pizzaovens website, we came across the following challenges:

  1. Adding the liftgate amount on the cart page.
  2. Adding a new version of reCAPTCHA on the contact page.
  3. Hiding the price of products of a particular brand.
  4. Adding a captcha in ‘Netsuite’ contact form pop-up on the homepage.
  5. Solving ‘HTTP Error 400’ on the Survey page.
  6. Recreating custom specifications page.

Overcoming The Challenges

  1. We added a ‘Liftgate’ name product with a price of $95. Then, we added a ‘Liftgate’ name checkbox on the Cart page. When the checkbox is checked ‘Liftgate’ product gets added to the existing cart. ‘Liftgate’ product price gets added to a grand total amount. When the checkbox is unchecked, ‘Liftgate’ product and price don’t get mentioned.
  2. We added an updated version reCAPTCHA on the Contact Us page by custom code. We customized the ‘contact-us-form.html’ file and added reCAPTCHA code before the Submit button.
  3. We solved this task by custom code. We customized ‘price.html’ file and added conditions according to the brand name and hiding the price of the product of a particular brand.
  4. We asked the client to get the ‘Netsuite’ login details. After that, we logged into the account, edited the contact form and added the captcha in form and updated the iframe code.
  5. We asked the Client to install the SSL/HTTPS jotform server. After that, we started getting the updated script of the jotform.
  6. We created a ‘specifications-data’ name webpage and added a static HTML of PDFs and brands to it. Then we created a ‘specifications’ page and created an iframe with src =”“. We fetched all data of ‘specifications-data’ webpage through iFrame on the Specification page.

How Pizzaovens Benefitted

Given their niche and high quality of equipment & services, Pizzaovens quickly gained a good foothold in the USA, UK and most parts of Europe. Their outreach has certainly expanded with the website, resulting in a 28% increase in their revenues.