Technically Creative

About Technically Creative

Technically Creative is an IT services provider specializing in electronic communication surveillance, data loss prevention, and automating the surveillance process. The company specializes in data conversion, data integration/solution integration, identity management and incident workflows as well as enhancing existing solutions to meet regulatory obligations.

Why Technically Creative Wanted A Website?

Being in the technology advisement and planning consultation, it was imperative for Technically Creative to launch a website.

What We Understood

Technically Creative needed a website where the audience can know about the company’s services and any upcoming events.

Solution Proposed by Tech Prastish Software Solutions

We suggested Technically Creative a custom designed informational website that provides thorough knowledge of what the company does and why what they do matters.

Challenges Faced

Technically Creative is an informative website with their services explained in depth and yet in a crisp manner. Working with Technically Creative was a sheer delight.

Features Listing

Flyer design, Mockup designs and HTML/CSS, migrate the designed pages on live site.

How Technically Creative Benefited

Tech Prastish Software Solutions created the website from scratch for Technically Creative. Their footfall and number of per day queries are remarkable. At the same time, the company also enjoys an impressive conversion rate.