Tek-Connect Inc.

About Tek-Connect

Tek-Connect is a California based app development company. When Roger from Tek-Connect approached us, he told us the vision and working of the company. Roger felt the website lacked some functionality, and wanted an expert opinion with suggested solution.

Why Tek-Connect Approached Tech Prastish?

Tek-Connect’s existing website lacked some important functionality elements. The portal lacked dynamic functionality in the multi site environment.

What We Understood

The dynamic functionality issue needed a quick fix to make the website work flawlessly.

Solution Proposed by Tech Prastish Software Solutions

We suggested working on certain WP plugins to fix the issue. We also recommended improving the CRM design and functionality.

What We Did

We work upon WP plugins using WP standards and best practices. For the CRM plugins, we worked upon contact list, email template, and twitter template. Placing the widgets on a page in the Admin area, so that they appear in the site. Once placed on a site page, the widget should get their data via wp_ajax calls back to WP (rather than ajax calls directly to the API.) The WP methods will call the API, and will handle API authentication via bearer token.

Challenges Faced

The biggest challenge of this task was API authentication via bearer token.

How We Overcame This Challenge

APIs were checked, validated and then implemented. Validating copious amount of data was a time consuming task, but we executed it well within time proficiently.