Verified Supply

Verified Supply uses a patent-pending technology that streamlines the entire procurement process for industrial and wholesale products and services. What used to take days and weeks can be done literally in minutes.

Why Verified Supply Approached Tech Prastish?

Launching a B2B marketplace revolving around industrial equipment requires a software development company that has a proven experience in this field.

What We Understood

Verified Supply wanted to launch a B2B Exchange for industrial and wholesale products. Here, an “Exchange” means that buyers and suppliers deal directly with each other at all times.

Solution Proposed by Tech Prastish Software Solutions

We suggested a marketplace built on a robust and secure platform that brings buyers and sellers together. The marketplace should also offer a complete supply chain solution.

How Verified Supply Benefitted

Verified Supply launched their business with the website built by Tech Prastish Software Solutions. They have gained prominent traction in their niche.