About Videlligence

Videlligence is an artificial intelligence powered online converter that allows users to convert their product pages into stunning animated videos and readymade templates.

Why Videlligence Wanted A Website?

Since Videlligence is an online converter, it had to be on a website, there’s no other way.

What We Understood

Videlligence needed a simple website that works on membership basis that integrates the online converter accessible after a user registers at a nominal fee.

Solution Proposed by Tech Prastish Software Solutions

Videlligence gave us the exact idea of what they want, and we happily complied. 

Challenges Faced

We didn’t face any major hiccups, the project was easy and smooth.

Features Listing

  • 1 click video ad creation
  • Create templates For Online Marketers, eCommerce, Video marketers, List builders, Bloggers, Social Media & Affiliate marketers

How Videlligence Benefited

Videlligence launched their converter with the website built by Tech Prastish. They are doing remarkably well, attracting immense traffic since their inception.