About Wisecrack

Wisecrack, inc. is a US-American film and video production company operated by Jacob Salamon, Jared Bauer, Greg Edwards, Drew Levin, and Todd Mendeloff.

Why Wisecrack Wanted A Website?

Wisecrack wanted to make a distinguished presence in the market while showcasing their services in an interesting way.

What We Understood

Wisecrack needed a unique looking website with ecommerce functionality.

Solution Proposed by Tech Prastish Software Solutions

We proposed a trippy looking website that resonates with their personality and vibes.

Features Listing

  • Custom Design
  • Ecommerce Feature

How Wisecrack Benefited

Wisecrack marked their online presence with the website built by us. Their 8-bit Philosophy is doing exceptionally well in the digital world.