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Author: Mamta Dhiman

How to translate  site content using WPML

My previous article was about “How to create a Multilingual WordPress site” in which I explained the process to configure WPML and translating the content of pages in WordPress. In this article I am going to explain how to translate menus, widgets etc to other languages. First, Install and Activate following Plugins: – WPML Multilingual... Read more

How to create a Multilingual  WordPress site

By default Wordpress is not multilingual. This means that you need to add multilingual functionality for creating a WordPress website in two or more languages. This article for those who want to create site in multiple languages. ... Read more

How to keep both editors “Classic Editor” and “Gutenberg” in WordPress

Classic editor plugin restores the previous Classic WordPress Editor . WordPress 5.0 has launched its default block-editor known as ‘Gutenberg’ that replaces the good old Classic Editor that we have been using for years. ... Read more