Everything You Need to Know About Shopify
December 6, 2021

Are you ready to create your own Shopify store? Maybe you got an amazing business idea. Maybe you want to stay ahead of the competition by building a strong online presence. No matter what your purpose is, you can use Shopify to build your online store within a few minutes. Wait! Before you start building ...Read more

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How To Create Custom Sections In Shopify
January 20, 2020

Shopify sections offer various customizable options for eCommerce store design. Let’s start learning how to create custom sections in Shopify. Hi, Let’s start, how to create custom sections in Shopify. Suppose we are making a simple “Welcome content” section for the home page. Steps to follow: 1) From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > ...Read more

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Customize Theme Settings In Shopify
January 3, 2019

Hello friends Let’s see, how to customize theme settings in Shopify! You can use the settings_schema.json file to configure the theme settings which is accessible using the theme editor. To access the editor, you have to click on “Customize” from the “Themes” page of your Shopify admin. About settings_schema.json The “settings_schema.json” file is located in ...Read more

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