Creating Multiple Shopify Stores Using Single Account

Shubkesh Sharma February 5, 2020

Creating Multiple Shopify Stores Using Single Account

Shopify does not allow multiple stores within a single admin login. You can have two or more account logins on one store but not two stores on one account, but you can use the same email for all of your stores.

Most of the people would run only one store usually. But there are merchants who wants and should consider selling their items The problem comes when you want to sell your products on more than one store.

If you want to sell/purchase different products under another domain, you must create another Shopify shop and domain list, but you can use the same email address for your shops.

You need to pay for different stores and login for each store.

A Shopify Partner Account enables you to create multiple accounts with each store having its own account and settings. Email used though, can be used multiple times.

Why You Should Sell on Multiple Shopify Stores

You will be able to manage every store with a single account. Depending on the market, you will need to analyze the product trends, currency, language or even the website structure and design. Make your business run smoothly and easily, Multistore is a trick to run an online business.

With Shopify Partner Account, you’ll be able to create multiple accounts but they won’t be managed from a single place. You will need to pay a plan for each store. Shopify Partner Account is created in the Shopify website for customers. You could use it too if you want to go for the free trial for 2 weeks. You can have one login email associated with multiple Shopify stores. In this case, you should use different passwords for each store, which is hard to remember.

You cannot log in into multiple Shopify stores at the same time in the same browser.

We can pay for each plan for each store, but we have them under the same email address
Note:-I do recommend one at a time.

I’m sure this article helps you. Share your views, suggestions and queries in the comment section. Good luck.

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