How to resolve the Shopware Checkout redirecting issues

Sushil Kumar January 10, 2020

How to resolve the Shopware Checkout redirecting issues

In this article I will explain the process, How to resolve Checkout redirecting issues.

Faced Issue:

#1: Firsty I have installed the shopware in my local development server and also find the list of sample products. After i have add a product to shopping cart and proceed to checkout.

Shopping Cart


#2: After that i have create a user, but it reload the same page, when click on login button it is not redirecting to shipment/payment page.

Login Page


#3: When i have reload the home page it show me i have already logged in with that user, but not redirecting to account/profile page. If i have check the database, i can see that the user has been created. But trying to login with that details, then just reloads the page and not redirecting to account or shipping page.

Profile Page


Resolve Issue:

#1: Most of the case if your server is not hosted in the Germany time zone, then it will give the redirecting error. To solve this issue you need to change the timezone in the Default.php file.

File Path: /engine/Shopware/Configs/Default.php

Default File


#2: After change the timezone in the config.php file, you need to clear the cache from backend. After this redirecting error will be gone.

backend cache


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