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The most effective way to Solve “This Page Can’t Load Google Maps Correctly”

“This page can’t load Google Maps correctly.” is a progressing Google Maps botch message that may have come up on your site’s maps starting late. Beyond anyone’s ability to see, a dim guide shows up with the words “For development purposes simply” repeating over the guide. ... Read more

Upgrade your existing PHP Version to PHP 5.6 or PHP 7 on Ubuntu Server

In order to upgrade PHP version of your server (Ubuntu) you need to follow below steps. First of all you need to check PHP version of your server... Read more

Reflect about this year heading to 2019

Hi there WordPress family ..wanted to say as we reflect about this year heading to 2019 in on the next 24 hours, get ready, get swinging and get at bat. See, life is like a baseball game. The more your at bat the more chances you are swinging. If you only know that statistically in... Read more

Failure and success are both working at the same time

You continue to throw things at a wall to see if it would stick.. you try to make the best out of all situation but it fails… Have you ever thought that failure and success are both working at the same time hand in hand? You have these situations if you will, for you to... Read more

Critical Thoughts For Success

Have you ever thought what is needed to have a healthy & wealthy life? There are many components that are needed. For some is the monetary success. For others it is the inner self -spirituality, friends, memories etc. What are your plans for a wealthy life under your terms? Have you asked yourself the question of... Read more

Protect your WordPress website from Hackers

In normal wordpress developement we do not give much attetion to the security, but when our website got hacked then we realize that we did not make the wordpress site secure, so taking security in to consideration I have written this article which help you in making the wordpress more secure. ... Read more

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