Shogun Landing Page Builder for Bigcommerce

Kavita Thakur January 8, 2020

Shogun Landing Page Builder for Bigcommerce

Hello Folks,

Today, I am going to explain about the Shogun landing page builder in BigCommerce.

Shogun is a powerful page builder for category pages, landing pages, and blogs. Shogun has a consistent integration with e-commerce platforms and you can keep your pages and changes even if you uninstall the app. It is compatible with any theme. This app allows you to manage your whole site within your e-commerce platform easily.

Shogun provides many page elements like videos, images, blogs, accordions and more. It offers limitless options for page design and structure of all BigCommerce store marketing pages and BigCommerce Blog Pages. Shogun offers an incredible number of features.


App Features

​1. Drag + Drop Page Builder

​2. Page Design Made Easy

3. 30+ Page Templates

4. Design by Screen Size

5. Developer Tools

6. Email Support

7. AB Testing

8. Content Scheduling

9. Email Support

10. Analytics

11. Analytics

12. SEO Controls

Page builder


1. Shogun gives you four options to start with when you choose to create a new page: standard page, blog post, product page, or collection.


2. In case you find a template that grabs your attention, you can ‘preview’ it to see its appearance in better detail.


3. You can edit the page title and URL of the chosen template.


4. After editing the basic settings, Shogun starts creating the web page which may take a few minutes.


5. The page editor boasts of user-friendly design with a simple layout. You can preview the changes you make on the page while you work on it. As a result, the editing process becomes very quick and efficient.

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