People and Process

Jaswinder Singh September 3, 2019

People and Process

Looking For The Perfect Candidate?

Looking For a candidate who can take your company to the next level?

Looking For a candidate who is intelligent, presentable, a great communicator, dedicated, honest, energetic and yet affordable?

Ha ha ha ha ha….

Okay, let’s be serious!

Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Sorry about that, but let me tell you something, I was also in the same zone for 11 years, looking for a guy just like that. I worked with more than 500 people and realized that no-one is perfect in all aspects.

You need to find perfection in one area and create a process of perfect areas. This is the only way, or my way to get something perfect.

I believe people are trainable, they are teachable but not manageable. You can manage processes, but not people.

People are energetic, excited, lively, cheerful, messy, smart, funny, calm, gloomy, limited in their potential, scared, negative, sad, broken, fabulous, people are full of emotions and they are far from perfect. And that’s the beauty of it…

They are human, and to err is human.

So, start creating a process and have a backup at all times, don’t rely only on one person. Don’t make processes on behalf of one person. Create a process and add energetic, smart and happy people to your process. But wait,

There is a more important clause:

Remove the negative people from the process first.

Everyone will be happy and successful.

Looking for the perfect process?

Good, you can… Now, your are in the right direction!

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