Add custom fields of product on a different location on the product page in BigCommerce

Kavita Thakur January 21, 2019

Add custom fields of product on a different location on the product page in BigCommerce

Hi Everyone,

I would like to share a problem along with its solution. It’s about adding custom product detail fields in
BigCommerce’s product page.

I was using Minimal theme and I faced a problem while adding custom field ‘Dimensions box’ on
product detail page, the custom fields were there under the tab called description but I wanted to show those custom fields on the product detail page before SKU#.

I created the box and tried to place the snippet code in the box. Then I created a new custom panel, placed the snippet code in the panel, referenced it on the Product Details panel, tried taking the Snippet_ProductCustomFields coding and placing it right in the div tags for the box. The dimensions box remained blank no matter what I tried.

Then I found the solutions and here are the steps I followed:

  • Navigate to ProductCustomFieldItem.html and added the %%GLOBAL_CustomFieldName%% & %%GLOBAL_CustomFieldValue%%
  • Then, go to ProductDetails.html and move %%Panel_ProductOtherDetails%% up so that it is inside the “Value” div.
  • Save your changes.

Inside the ProductCustomFieldItem.html Snippet there are two codes you need:

%%GLOBAL_CustomFieldName%% & %%GLOBAL_CustomFieldValue%%

a) %%GLOBAL_CustomFieldName%% :
 Get the name of Custom Field 
b) %%GLOBAL_CustomFieldValue%% :
 Get the value of Custom Field

Keep in mind that this may need to be modified if your template files are already customized. Also, make sure to save a backup copy of all of these files just for your safe side — an accidentally deleted semi-colon can bring the entire site down!

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