Critical Thoughts For Success

Seth Infante December 28, 2018

Critical Thoughts For Success

Have you ever thought what is needed to have a healthy & wealthy life? There are many components that are needed. For some is the monetary success. For others it is the inner self -spirituality, friends, memories etc. What are your plans for a wealthy life under your terms? Have you asked yourself the question of why you are here? What can you do and if you do, what process and steps will you take to achieve your wanted desire?

Most “wealthy “individuals become successful not because they gain financial freedom but they become successful because they have attained their freedom on their terms. Whether it is to make millions of dollars or simply having their time available to do as they please, these individuals have taken control of their daily activities. Minute by minute. We have the same 24 hours in a day but it is how we utilize our time is what separates many. The most successful individuals take and separate time blocks for them to achieve on what they want. I have met many successful individuals and learned a commonality that they have.

They all have set specific time blocks for them to achieve their success. I too have set myself as well a practice to create time blocks of 15 minutes and It has served me leaps & bounds. I have set schedules where I can fit in a day many things in a 15 minute bracket time slot and I’m still able to get my major priorities if I need to extend my time on a certain task. I as well have taken the time for myself to attain more knowledge. E.g. reading a favorite book. Read articles of interest or even browse information that I need to do to attain more information for a current project. There is so much you can do. Take time to analyze how you are doing and initially study what you do on a daily basis & then analyze what you need to do to prioritize and start setting time blocks. You will see that you will find your day to be more productive and meaningful.


Seth Infante CO-CEO

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