How Cloud Computing Facilitates Remote Work!

Sukhwinder Singh September 3, 2021

How Cloud Computing Facilitates Remote Work!

What are the most important things you have learned from the COVID-19 pandemic? Being prepared for the worst and adapting to new environments. Right?

Just think about your last virtual party to celebrate team success. Now, imagine how your employees made it possible by working dedicatedly, attending regular virtual team meetings, and meeting tight deadlines. This could not have been possible without cloud-based technologies. Right?

No doubt remote work has become a new trend during the coronavirus pandemic. So, it’s the right time to learn how cloud-based technologies can help support your team work remotely.

Major Benefits of Cloud Computing Benefits For Remote Workers

benefits of cloud computing for remote team

Enhanced Security & Cyber Protection

Hardware failure can lead to data loss. But, this doesn’t happen when it comes to cloud hosting because the data is stored in a remote data center.

In other words, disaster recovery in cloud computing helps prevent the loss of data and reduce the impact of a disaster on your business. You can easily restore all components of data across multiple locations.

Additionally, cloud-based technologies protect your data from hackers. That means, no one (except your team) can access your company data.

What if hackers become successful in breaking the security barriers?

Don’t worry! They can’t pass the multi-factor authentication phase. To access your files, they need to log in using your mobile device.


Adapting to change is a key to achieving your business goals. That means, your resources and operations must be adjustable based on the market conditions. Since the COVID-19 pandemic has made a significant impact on the world economy, successful players are focusing on creating scalable strategies.

Using cloud computing platforms, you can scale data storage capacity, processing power, etc. easily and quickly. In the case of on-premise physical infrastructure, this process may take weeks or months.

Cloud technologies can help no matter whether you want to adjust just a few resources or a large part of your business operations. Thus, you can easily scale up or down based on your requirements.

Better Team Collaboration

cloud computing team collaboration

Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much. – Helen Keller

Your employees need to work together to finish tasks on time. Imagine your team is working on an important assignment. Brainstorming sessions and regular meetings are required to finish it on time. Is it possible when your employees are working remotely?

Yes, it is, thanks to cloud computing technologies. Cloud applications, such as Office 365 enable your team view and make changes to the same document in real time.

Moreover, Zoom and Skype calls can help your team organize meetings to develop and implement business strategies.

Using cloud-based platforms, your team can work remotely without any interruption. No doubt, working from home can actually boost productivity. According to a study by Standford performed on 16,000 workers, working from home increased productivity by 13 percent.

Improved Accessibility

An employee needs easy access to data and software they need to do their job perfectly. Just think, your designer can’t create an amazing logo for your client if they don’t have access to graphic design software.

Truly, accessibility is one of the major challenges employees face when working remotely.

Cloud computing can help solve this problem. The cloud allows remote workers to get what they want to perform their tasks. All they require is to sign in to the cloud using their digital devices to access the organization’s data & apps.

Using the cloud platforms, your employees can work from any location, as long as they have a high-speed internet connection.

Final Thoughts

final thoughts

Moving to cloud-based services can provide your employees with more flexibility to work from remote locations. They can easily access data just by signing in to their accounts on desktop or mobile devices.

Disaster recovery in cloud systems provides ultimate protection against data loss or hacking.

Unlike on-premise infrastructure, cloud-based technologies allow you to scale up or down your resources easily and quickly.

Moreover, using cloud technologies, your employees can collaborate effectively and work productively, thus helping you meet your business objectives.

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