Page Builder Issues and Basic Troubleshooting in WordPress

Ankush Dogra January 17, 2020

Page Builder Issues and Basic Troubleshooting in WordPress

Page builders are mainly used in WordPress to build and customize your WordPress site with ease. We have different page builders free as well as paid in WordPress. Paid themes sometimes have their own page builder. After release of WordPress 5.0, it has its own page builder ‘Gutenberg’. After installation of new plugins, sometimes page builders start giving errors. Errors may be due to plugin conflicts or caching issues.

Plugin usually runs in global space to make interaction with other plugins through internal functionality. There can be a hindrance in interaction which leads to confliction of plugin.

Cache issue is another issue that affects the page builder. Browsers usually store certain bits of code in order to serve better experience to user. This code runs as new code every time and can cause problems. Try to refresh your browser cache to make sure that the latest version of all CSS and JavaScript is being loaded. This usually occurs when we work in the admin panel of WordPress.

Let’s look at the steps to troubleshoot the issues that we can face.

  • For a quick check try deactivating all plugins. If problem will resolve then it means problem was caused by a plugin. Start activating plugins one by one to check which plugin is conflicting.
  • Switch to default WordPress themes (Twenty Twenty, Twenty Nineteen etc) and check if the same issue appears. Issue can be with the third-party theme.
  • Issue may come due to old version of theme. Try to stay up to date with the latest theme version.
  • Try reuploading the wp-admin and wp-includes folders of latest installed WordPress.
  • Make sure to activate all the extension of page builders. Double check all the settings of page builders.
  • Disable cache plugins that are installed. In development it is recommended to disable the cache plugin. This is not always the best solution but sometimes.
  • JavaScript is also the possible reason. When page builder doesn’t work we can check the reasons in console. To check just right click and click on Inspect and open the console tab. Here you can full explanation of console debugging:
  • Increase the memory available on PHP. Following are the steps:
    • Easy way is to edit the wp-config file. Increase the allocated memory.
      define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’64M’);
    • We can add below code in .htacess file.
      php_value memory_limit 64M
    • if you have access to PHP.ini file, You can increase memory from here as well. If you have 32M then increase to 64M. If already have 64M then increase to 128M.

If still problem exists, then easy way to contact the support team of respective page builder.

Still not sure how to resolve page builder issues? Hire a WordPress developer, and resolve page builder issues and basic troubleshooting in WordPress for your business today.

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