Why Is LMS Important Nowadays?

Jaswinder Singh April 20, 2020

Why Is LMS Important Nowadays?

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, online learning was considered to be an optional learning channel, a luxury to be precise. As the fatal virus spread across the world, LMS has become a witness of constant boom. And with that, online learning became the preferred education medium.

This rising popularity of online learning will not diminish when this quarantine gets over. Social distancing and quarantine have proved that a collaborative environment can be created from the comfort of homes too.

It’s not just the education system that is relying on online learning. Fitness experts, Motivational speakers, and trainers from all walks of life have started using online media to offer their courses to the interested. We have online training portals such as Udemy that offer fitness courses of all sorts.

Once the COVID-19 pandemic is over, there’s a huge possibility that peo
ple will be reluctant to enter crowded places. Medical professionals, scientists, and public servants are trying their best to contain the outbreak. However, China has reported a spike in Coronavirus cases, and it may be the second wave.

This is what makes LMS the need of the hour. Educational institutes are closed, gyms are closed, but the world of the internet is open. This is what puts LMS in the spotlight. Let’s see what makes LMS so useful today:

A Business Need Of The Hour

Online learning is not a luxury anymore. You know what’s common among public speakers, motivational speakers, yoga instructors, fitness trainers, music teachers, and school, college and university teachers? They all conduct their sessions in large batches.

Their environment is social, they are accustomed to it. For them, this social life is what keeps them up. And above all, this social life is their bread and butter, and cheese and wine. Online classes allow them to get a feel of this social life without compromising their health. But that doesn’t mean online classes will cease to exist when this lockdown is over.

People have become more health conscious now, and it’s believed they;ll maintain social distance even after there is no lockdown. It will take them some time to acclimatise and get back to their social self. And even then, online classes will keep rising in popularity.

Safe and Secure Learning Environment

Be it an educational institute, a fitness center, a public addressing venue or a music school, Corona infection can spread anywhere and everywhere. With the help of a learning management system, you can create a safe learning environment for students where they can take the course without going out in the quarantine.

Take Udemy for example, the online learning app has courses ranging from skill development to personality development to personal development. Be it coding, NLP, music or yoga, one can learn anything on Udemy without leaving the secure environment of their home.

Real Time Monitoring

A good learning management system allows you to instantaneous monitoring. This way, you can see the progress of each student/trainee and assist them in learning. Every learner has a different learning curve, and physical classes often can’t afford to wait for the slowest student to progress.

The online learning environment solves this problem brilliantly. Progress is recorded of each student and recorded in a dedicated file. This way, the trainers can access the file and see how each student is doing. Online learning ensures no student falls behind.

Flexible Scheduling

However, Flexibility is always like a double edged sword, but still it’s a great asset for the people who are self disciplined. When learning is not a burden, then it provides great results to the students. With the need to commute to a school, gym, fitness center or a workshop on a daily basis out of the picture, learners can take daily courses at a time they are comfortable with.

Online learning is a great way for working professionals who are adhering to tight schedules while working from home in this pandemic. Once their working hours are over, they can take up the class whenever their schedule allows.

LMS Retains Knowledge

In a conventional learning environment, the subject taught or a module covered is only left in notebooks or at the mercy of one’s memory. However, a learning management system allows you to record a training session in video, You can go through it again and again. The knowledge is always there.

On the other hand, if you are an organisation that requires knowledge transfer from one employee to another, an LMS helps you do so efficiently and easily. You can keep the videos and monitor what your employees are doing. Once the things are done for one time, you can reuse them in future.

Affordability & Time Saving

Home tutors, personal trainers are all moving to the digital medium to offer their services. Setting up an online class is more budget friendly and quicker than setting up a conventional class. You can easily start an online training business without burning a hole in your pocket. Start before the market becomes too competitive, because trainers and trainees are already making the digital move.

All you need to do is get your study material ready, create a high quality video and upload it on the online learning portal. In case you want to hand out the study material, it can be uploaded in PDF or DOc or any other downloadable format.

No Need to Meet Your Teacher Personally

Because of a conducive learning environment, students can easily talk to their mentors without stepping out of their homes. This takes the need of meeting in person away, minimising health concerns and worries. In case the trainee has any doubts, he can reach out to the mentor through a phone call or schedule a call depending upon the mentor’s availability.

At this time when social distancing is the immediate requirement, an online learning software with in-app call facility is a great feature.


This quarantine is also a great opportunity to learn and develop skills for personal development. Keeping the global catastrophe and quarantine in mind, Harvard is offering 67 of its online courses free of cost for a limited period of time. Yes, you read that right, a Harvard certified course, absolutely free. This is how efficient and reliable online learning is.

If this doesn’t prove how efficient digital learning platforms are, we don;t know what will. This is the right time to launch an online learning portal, and we, LearnDash, are here to help you do so.


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